Jason Biggs Dreads the Day His Younger Kids Will See Him on American Pie

Jason Biggs

The actor fears that they will see Dad making love to a cake in the obscene movie that made him famous.

Jason Biggs dreads the day his young sons finally see Daddy making love to a cake in the raunchy movie that made him famous.

The American Pie actor became a household name when the comedy became a smash hit in 1999, but his sons Sid, six, and Lazlo, three, are too young to see dad’s most famous credit, and he’s happy. to be a few years old to prepare for that family movie night.

“Watching American Pie with my kids is probably going to be weird,” the star told Live with Kelly and Ryan.

“Sid has heard of American Pie because he has been with me when people have approached me and he has found out. He asked if I could see him and we said, ‘No, he has an R rating and you know, I have sex with a cake’… No, I didn’t tell him that… He knows he has an R rating for profanity. That is your opinion. He said, “R for bad language, not for violence,” which is very nice.

“The cake could say it’s a bit violent,” Biggs added with a laugh. “The cake could have a different point of view.”