Jason Statham and John Mayer become the challenge of the stopper of the bottle in the new viral of the summer


We have seen many challenges that has become viral during these years. From the bucket of ice-cold water, going through that bullshit funny Apeshitor that so dangerous to eat capsules of detergent to the washing machine. The Internet is always there to have fun, or to make us pass shame outside. And to continue with this tradition, comes the new challenge of the cap of the bottle, with the promise of becoming something very popular all over the planet.

The challenge is to unscrew the top of a water bottle with the only help of a kick, swivel, and started in the world of mixed martial arts, or MMA. But the final leap to become viral it has lived during the end of last week, when the designer Errolson Hugh and Max Holloway, champion of the featherweight in the UFC, defied John Mayerthat managed to overcome the challenge with a lot of style.

“I don’t believe this, wow,” wrote Shawn Mendes in the comments. Mayer passed the challenge on to Jason Statham, that, doing something that probably does not come as a surprise to no one, executed in a way mind-boggling.

Statham challenged the director Guy Ritchie and the fighter retired from MMA James Moontasri, who have not yet published a video with their attempts.

It is clear that Statham did great, but has been a teacher of karate of North Carolina, Seth Adams, who probably has accomplished the feat most impressive of all. Although Mayer, Statham and the rest opened the bottles while someone held the bottle firmly, Adams uncorked one that was resting on the head of a training dummy without it. Then I continue with a second kick that knocked the bottle at all.

We all know that soon we’ll see any of our politicians trying to do so. Patience.