Javelin is the new album from Sufyan Stevens, due out in October. Listen to the first passage.

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The rumors that surfaced this weekend and published this morning in one of our articles have finally been confirmed.

New album from Sufyan Stevensas messed up in some forums under the name “Javelin”, will be released on October 6, about 3 years after the previous “Ascension”.

The singer’s friends collaborate on the album: Adrienne Marie Brown (the singer, who revealed the title and month of publication of the piece on a podcast last June), Hannah Cohen, Pauline Delassus, Megan Louis AND Nedelle Torrisi. There is also Bryce Dessner band guitarist National who plays acoustic and electric guitar on the track “Shit Talk”.

“Javelin” that closes with a lid Neil Young (“There’s a World,” the original part of “Harvest”) will be released along with a 48-page book of photo collages and essays. Stevens he also designed the cover art.

“So You Are Tired” is the first piece listened to:

Javelin tracklist:

01 Farewell Evergreen
02 Takeoff
03 Will anyone ever love me?
04 Everything that rises
05 Kneeling Ghost
06 My red fox
07 So you’re tired
08 Spears (to have and hold)
09 Shitty talk
10 There is a world

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