Javier Hernandez Bonet’s charming smile hides a bad temper

One of the country’s great commentators has an addiction: He can’t stop working.A journalist fell in love 20 years ago and dropped everything for him

Whenever Colombia plays, there is one culprit for all the national team’s failures thanks to social networks: Javier Hernandez Bonet. The first to annoy him were those from La Tele, in January 1999, following the murder of Andrés Escobar, the biggest tragedy in Colombian football: Brazil’s 9-0 win over Londrina . Colombia beat Chile 5-1 in this game.

Martin DeFrancisco and Santiago Maur mocked La Presse sportscaster Caracol’s over-optimism as he sounded a wake-up call to heaven that the Javier Alvarez-led team was unstoppable. Three days later, Brazil suffered a disastrous defeat. Since then, Javier Hernández Bonnet has won the replay championship.

Burnett has commented on Colombian games since 2004. Now he faces a new challenge: qualifying for the 2026 World Cup. Enduring memes and insults on social networks is not as difficult for him as it is for his wife, journalist Carolina Romero, who has had to cut back on Javier’s constant taunts, severed friendships, and Put his 15-year-old daughter in a bubble to protect her from constant online bullying.

Javier Hernandez was an absolute perfectionist, but sometimes had a bad temper, and Carolina had to see a therapist. She was dismayed to see her life partner treated unfairly, who, unlike her, had iron skin and laughed off the insults.

They met 20 years ago, when Javier Hernández was in his first marriage and had his first two children. She is a journalist and weight producer. This is Dario Arizmendi and Julio Sanchez Cristo’s producers. They met in Karakol. Regardless of his lack of time at noon, he invited her to lunch. They are in love and have nothing to do.

They had Sofia, and unlike their first marriage, Javier never changed diapers for his two oldest children, Juan Pablo and Alejandra, and Sofia had to take a bath. This is the first time Javier has become a father at the age of 19. He was unprepared and learned as he went. He gave birth to Sofia when he was 51. Everything changes with age.

Journalists love their jobs, and they love doctors, who are often inbred. No one understands total devotion to the industry like other journalists. For this reason, Javier needs someone who understands that his day job is his passion. Javier is punctual to the point of being neurotic, and if her makeup takes too long, Javier can leave her in the bathroom and learn to do it in five minutes. Furthermore, Javier needs to think and be in absolute solitude. Carolina was used to the neuroses of journalism greats and knew how to live with it.

Javier can’t cook, and while he sometimes has to make pre-cooked beans and slather them in copious amounts of tomato sauce, he’s a good company. Javier, 68, is one year old and is still the same man who started broadcasting the World Cup in Mexico in 1986. He has accumulated experience in 10 World Cups in Qatar, but in China, Javier is obsessive.

Carolina is always excited to see him around. In this way he was disarmed. She takes off her headphones, pens, fame, not so much, because she can go to the farthest reaches of the universe for spiritual retreats, and there will always be people asking her for pictures, because there are very few Colombians who don’t know who her husband is yes.

Last December, as he was preparing to comment on his tenth World Cup — a rare record for Colombian journalists — he was surprised by an onset of gallstones in distant Qatar. The result was a disability that kept him out of one of the most important world championships in history. Javier was hospitalized for 7 days and lost 9 kg.

The pain started with Argentina’s win over Saudi Arabia. As he told El Tiempo, “They gave me some medicines, but they didn’t match what was happening to me. I was diagnosed with gastritis and the medicines worked by irritating the gallbladder even more. We started contacting a The Indian doctor, he was asked to do more tests, he said it was gastritis, and then they took me back to the hotel.”

Javier was in Qatar with his son Juan Pablo, also a journalist. In the end, he had no choice but to hold back and eat the anger of fate’s move. He successfully passed the test and is now ready to face his new rivals RCN in the qualifying round, with which he will have to share the broadcast due to the sale of part of the broadcast rights by the President of the Colombian Football Federation, Ramón Jesurún right. Venezuela will be the first challenge.

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