Javier Milei launches another NFT for being elected city deputy

The next legislator for the City of Buenos Aires from the La Libertad Avanza front, won 310,000 votes in the recent elections that assure him a seat

Along with the cryptocurrency boom, non-fungible tokens (NFT, for its acronym in English) are on everyone’s lips for the millions of dollars they mobilize.

The originality of these assets is occurring in any field, from the artistic to the gastronomic. And politics is not far behind: for example, the renowned economist Javier Milei, launched its own NTF on the site last September Opensea to raise funds for your campaign in the legislative elections 2021 in Argentina.

Now, the recently elected national deputy for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, confirmed on his Instagram account the launch of a second collection of non-fungible tokens. The first was published before the elections and achieved a collection of 3.8 ethers (ETH), equivalent to more than u $ s16,000.

According to the publication, the first piece in the collection “The New Era” went up for auction on Monday, November 15, the day after election day, considered a historic success for the now legislator, in which his party, “La Libertad Avanza”, obtained 310,036 votes, 17% of the total in the capital of the country.

The asset issuance platform is the renowned Ethereum non-fungible token market, Opensea. In the auction of the token, it is indicated that minimum bid is 1 ETH, something like u $ s4,355 or $ 909,989 Argentines, according to CoinMarketCap.

For the moment, the NFT does not have offers in bid to be acquired, with four days remaining for the auction to end; next November 20, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. in Argentina.

The digital artwork It consists of a 10 second video in which Milei is seen from behind, in front of a wave of supporters and with an Argentine flag hung on his shoulders.

In the upper right corner of the animation, you can see the date November 14, 2021, that is, the date on which the libertarian candidate managed to enter Congress with his partner. Victoria Villarruel.

Javier Milei, elected as deputy for the City of Buenos Aires

Javier Milei, elected deputy for the City of Buenos Aires, in his campaign bunker

A peculiarity of the NFTs launched by Milei is that allow content to be unlocked as the value of the asset increases. For example, his first collection issued in September, included several “surprises”.

With the first of these, it happened that if the token reached 2 ETH in value, the buyer would receive a box with the ticket showing the NFT printed and autographed by the candidate.

Whereas if the price reached 3 ETH, whoever acquired the digital work, which consisted of a thematic video about the politician and his ideals, would also receive five autographed books.

Milei's NFT went up for auction with a starting price of 0.5 ETH and was sold for 3.8 ETH

Milei’s NFT went up for auction with a starting price of 0.5 ETH and was sold for 3.8 ETH

In the campaign prior to the elections, the economist published in auction the non-fungible token (NFT) of your video “Libertarian revolution”, animated sequence where it can be seen on the back of a $ 1,000 bill with a burning image of the Central Bank.

Milei’s stance and her space about cryptocurrencies

The media economist referred on previous occasions to Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general, of which he pondered its characteristic of being a decentralized asset.

“The concept of Bitcoin is impeccable, but politicians like the monopoly of monetary issuance,” he said.

Then, in the campaign, he ratified his stance towards these digital assets: Argentina It is fertile ground for bitcoin … because the peso is basically worthless. It is the currency that the Argentine politician issues. Those rubbish are not even good for compost. “

Milei was in favor of cryptocurrencies on previous occasions

Milei was in favor of cryptocurrencies on previous occasions

Where an NFT is created and sold

Currently, there are several platforms that allow not only the creation of an NFT, but can also be marketed. Some of them are:

  • Opensea: It is the most important NFT marketplace today. Allows you to buy, sell and auction works of art and collectibles
  • Nifthy Gateways: one of the most active digital art buying and selling communities
  • Theta: It has its own blockchain and digital currency and is presented as a platform that will change the way videos are transmitted
  • Enjin Coin– Integrate video games into the NFT business
  • Decentraland– Offers a virtual world where users can upload their own objects, develop applications, and monetize their creations
  • Flow: created by those responsible for CriptoKitties, it focuses on the distribution of games, apps, and digital assets. It has as partners NBA, Ubisoft and Warner Music
  • Binance: the cryptocurrency giant has just launched a marketplace for the sale of NFT.
Creating a non-fungible token is a relatively simple process, especially for those who already have experience in buying and selling cryptocurrencies

Creating a non-fungible token is a relatively simple process, especially for those who already have experience in buying and selling cryptocurrencies

Its peculiarities

NFTs possess some distinctive qualities compared to the more common cryptocurrencies:

  • They cannot be exchanged directly with each other, as no two are the same
  • They are indivisible and exist as a whole, as something whole
  • They are indestructible, because their information is in a smart contract (on the blockchain)
  • The creator can be traced, allowing pieces to be authenticated without third-party verification.

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