Javier Zanetti story a pandemic Virus Corona hospital in Milan don’t have Enough page all


KOMPAS.com Vice – President and a legend of Inter Milan, javier Zanetti, spoke of the difficulties faced by the city of Milan in the face of the pandemic virus corona in Italy.

Italy is still the centre of the pandemic Covid-19 in Europe.

Data from the Johns Hopkins University, per Sunday (18/3/2020) show tomorrow WIB 31.506 positive cases, with 2.503 number of deaths due to corona virus in Italy.

The good news is, it is 2.941 people who have recovered from the disease Covid-19 in the Land of the Pizza.

Milan and the Lombardy region in the North is one of the Central outbreak Covid-19, the for three weeks in Italy.

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Lombardy Region, to see the number of deaths in Italy (1.420) by Tuesday evening.

Don’t be surprised if Zanetti said that Milan struggle in the face of this pandemic.

“In Milan, the hospital is not enough. The doctors try to save you with a lot of life. But no one expects the numbers so much as this,” said the man who collected more than 600 appearances for Inter Milan Radio Continental in Argentina.

Javier Zanetti also expressed that, until now, it has no squad members or employees, the Nerazzurri are positively influenced by Covid-19.

In fact, the moved to the last match Inter Milan against Juventus in the Italian League, while together with the news that defender from Juve, Daniele Rugani, positive contracted the corona virus.

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Juventus a further case Covid-19 announced on Monday evening, namely midfielder Blaise Matuidi. The same as Rugani, Matuidi not show symptoms of pain.

“Our last game against Juventus, which was announced today, a new case of corona virus for a second. We will show no symptoms, it is a positive corona virus,” said the man who collected 143 games for the national team of Argentina.

Zanetti also added that Inter Milan live-quarantine themselves until 25. March 2020.

After that, the squad Inter would get together and again practice.

“My own work from home. Inter has several steps to deal with this situation. The club is still a nutritional program for the players, we provide food in their homes,” said Zanetti again.