Jean du Barry – The King’s Favorite, trailer for the new movie with Johnny Depp

Stills from the historical biopic directed by Maiwen are available. Johnny Depp plays Louis XV in the film, which opened the 76th Cannes Film Festival

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infamous picture, released Official Trailer Of Jean Du Barry – The King’s FavoriteHistorical biopic directed by French director Maiven which will be available in Italian cinemas from 2019 from 30 august, film in which 76th edition of Cannes Film Festival beginsYou See Johnny Depp in the role of Louis XV and describes the life, rise and fall of Jean, the king’s favourite, played by Maven himself.

Official Trailer

The girl is shown in the trailer Jean (Maïwenn) who, hungry for culture and pleasure, uses her wit and charm Near King Louis XV (Johnny Depp), becoming its favorite. The king, not knowing her status as a prostitute, regains his appetite for life through her. Both fall madly in love breaking all limits and labels. But when Jeanne moves to Versailles, her arrival causes an uproar at court.



Cannes Film Festival 2023, 7-minute standing ovation for Johnny Depp

Maiwen Asia was inspired by Argentina’s Jean Du Barry

French actress, director and screenwriter Maven reveals how the film was inspired Jean Du Barry – The King’s Favoritestating the following: “It all started when I went to see Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola, in 2006. because as soon as she appeared on the screen i stopped Influenced by Jean’s character, played by asia argentina, I felt an instant connection with her and missed her as soon as she went off screen. I was seduced by Jean du Barry because she’s a glorious loser, Maybe because their life is like mine, but that’s not the only reason. I fell in love with him and the historical period. I immersed myself in his exclusively complete biography. The desire to make a film about him was immediate, but was hindered for ten years by the sense of illegitimacy I felt. Every time I finished a movie, I dived back into the book, but I’ve never been able to move past my previous book inferiority complex,

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Synopsis & Cast

Born in 1743 as the illegitimate daughter of a poor seamstress, Jeanne Vaubernier, despite her humble origins, has always had a strong predilection for culture and, thanks to her intelligence and charm, she managed to gain the good graces of King Louis XV . Which completely ignores her status as a courtesan. the king makes her his official concubine and confers the title of Comtesse du BarryBut that’s not all, as the passionate love story between the two leads Louis XV to break the rules of propriety, allowing Jeanne du Barry to visit Versailles. However, the transfer of genes has not been viewed well by the court, rather it leads to a real scandal, Completing the cast of the historical drama film alongside Johnny Depp and Maven is Benjamin LaVernay (french dispatch), Melville Poupaud (brother and sister), Peter Richard (I present you), Pascal Gregory (last hour) and India Hair (la ligne – the invisible line,

Jean Du Barry – The King’s Favorite will arrive in Italian cinemas on 30 August.

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