Jean Imbert in mourning: the chef announced the death of his grandmother


One of the celebrity’s favorite cooks has announced this heartbreaking news …

The year of Jean Imbert began with an announcement that weighs heavy on the heart.

The chef has lost his grandmother. This woman who meant so much to him died at the age of 93. To share this bad news, he posted a moving tribute on Instagram: “Grandma, what sadness today, but also what joy to have lived near you. Since yesterday I cry like a child and those who know me know that I am not easily consolable. I watch the photos, the videos on repeat, I remember every memory, every Christmas at your place, every Sunday. I know that I became a cook thanks to you, nobody did this job in family, but for you Cooking was not a job but your DNA. And you gave me this passion, the desire to make it my life rather than a job “ .

The winner of the third season of Top Chef in 2012 continued his lengthy line by saying:

“Nothing was right in your kitchen, everything was broken, the plates chipped, the tea towels half clean and half dirty, no knife that cuts, no scales, the plates that work every other time, nothing was right except your magic. And you had so much magic, in the kitchen and in your eyes. We always say that we realize things when it’s too late, when we can’t say them anymore, when we can’t do them anymore . With you it is not the case, you made me live all the dreams that a small child can dream with his grandmother. And the person that I am is filled with millions of memories by your side; so that you will never leave me. I love you “.

In the comments, many messages of support (from celebrities like Nikos Aliagas, Jr or Pharrell Williams) came to accompany photos of the cook in the company of the one who will remain forever in his heart and his memory.


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