Jean-Luc Lahaye: His fans are curious to know if the singer slept with Dalida!


The artist was questioned on personal matters by his fans on Instagram, in particular about his relationship with Dalida …

Like many personalities on Instagram, Jean-Luc Lahaye lent himself to the game of questions and answers. The opportunity for his fans to question him on many rather personal subjects. “Has he ever dated Sabrina Salerno?”, “Does he miss Larusso?”, could we read among the questions. One of his followers also wanted to question him on a very specific subject. It’s about his relationship with … Dalida. “Did you sleep with Dalida?”, he was asked. To which, the singer responded very firmly without further details: “False”. 
It is in his autobiography, published in 2016, that the interpreter of Tôt ou Tardaddressed his connection with the late singer who took him under her wing when he made his debut in the mid-1970s: “At this time when I clung to my dream of becoming a singer, I practice sports at the high dose. I share with Dalida the obsession with the body. I want to stay light, make myself vomit as soon as I eat too much “, we could read in Filed confidential.

In the Micro-Miroir program, on the Melody television channel, Jean-Luc Lahaye spoke about Orlando’s sister, with whom he lived for five years. It was rue d’Or champ, in the Montmartre district, in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.
“I lived in Dalida’s house for five years, on the top floor. And every time I walk past, my gaze turns towards this house. It was good years, between 1975 and 1980”, he remembered. “I have wonderful memories with her. It was a purely friendly relationship. She loved me like a youngster my age. I was 18-19 at the time.” A period during which Dalida was in a relationship with Richard Anfray, the count of Saint-Germain.“I lived in this house when she lived with Richard Saint-Germain. I saw moments of love where we were really good, and then other times when it was. total war. When Dalida got angry, you shouldn’t be on her way, “ he revealed.