Jean-Luc Reichmann “criticized” … He pushes a rant on Instagram


Once is not custom…

Jean-Luc Reichmann celebrated New Year’s Eve in a small committee to respect the rules imposed by the government. With his wife, Nathalie Lecoultre, like many French people, they said goodbye to the year 2020. Nathalie shared a selfie where she appears with Jean-Luc, a shot on which they have a face modified thanks to a filter. In the caption, she writes:  “Barbie Lie and Ken Luc… 2021.”

But after these moments of happiness with the family, at the beginning of the year, it seems that Jean-Luc Reichmann, who is very active on Instagram, has decided to push a rant, unlike his usual publications. Indeed, he did not hesitate to share an image on which we can read: “When you are criticized, remember this sentence: You will never be criticized by someone who does less or nothing.”

That is clear! And even if we don’t know who Jean-Luc is talking to, he obviously has a grudge against someone …