Jean-Marie Bigard, his new stroke of blood: “Do I feel that someone is trying to shut my mouth or not?”


Through his Twitter account, Jean-Marie Bigard attacked the giant Facebook, which he accuses of censoring him!

Jean-Marie Bigard is no longer just a rant! And for the end of 2020, the comedian has stepped up to the plate. This Thursday, December 31, the one who had insulted the Minister of Health Olivier Véran following the latest measures announced to stem the progression of Covid-19 again raised the tone. This time, it is the giant Facebook that takes it for its rank! While he has nearly 1.2 million subscribers, Lola Marois’ husband was surprised to see his account blocked on several occasions. “ As my first Facebook account (1.2 million subscribers) is blocked every two days, I created another account which was banned after five days. Do I feel that someone is trying to get me to shut my mouth or not?” he asked himself, with the ardor that we know him.

At the beginning oflast December, the 66-year-old artist confided bluntly about his delicate financial situation. “Yes, I am totally at bay. I am like everyone else, I ask my bank for an overdraft authorization. There I have 3 months of late rent .” he had claimed.