Jean-Marie Le Pen reached by Covid-19 … And he did not know it!


Jean-Marie Le Pen confided to having contracted the coronavirus without even realizing it!

It was on his Twitter profile that Jean-Marie Le Pen, the former leader of the Front National (now Rassemblement National) published a press release in which we learned that his wife had been attacked. It is around 1 p.m. when the 86-year-old woman goes out to shop in the streets of La Celle Saint-Cloud. She is then attacked by a man who steals her bag, before throwing her to the ground and punching her several times in the face:  “Thrown to the ground, Ms. LE PEN sportingly resisted her attacker in a resolute and courageous attitude”  relates the press release. 

The suspect fled on a scooter, with the help of an accomplice. He then has time to make several fraudulent withdrawals up to 2,410 euros, before Jany Le Pen makes opposition on his credit card. As for her health, the wife of the former number 1 of the FN got away with some “light bruises” including one on the elbow, and neck pain. 

Regarding the investigation, the press release informs that  “the justice and police authorities have assured Jean-Marie LE PEN and his wife of their determination in the search for the attackers”. The investigation, conducted by the Versailles police station, is still ongoing.

In turn, Jean-Marie Le Pen saw a hard blow. Indeed, he has the coronavirus. The latter did not realize it. And despite the fact that he contracted the virus without speaking of his advanced age and his health problems, the father of Marine Le Pen does not plan to be vaccinated:  “If the need arises, I will. But I’m not inflicting the pleasure of an injection, as I feel relatively protected now. “

Regarding these words, his daughter, Marine Le Pen, reacted. She says she is ready to be vaccinated and she encourages her “relatives in a fragile situation” to do so. To which Jean-Marie Le Pen replied:  “I am not a fragile relative, I am a strong relative”, he told the Parisian.