Jean-Pascal Lacoste: how the Star Academy killed his father …


A moving testimony …

He was known as a singer on the reality TV show Star Academy in the 2000s. Jean-Pascal Lacoste is now 39 years old and holds another full-time position, that of dad. With his previous wife, the actor had two adorable children: a 12-year-old girl, Kylie, and an 8-year-old boy named Maverick. Today, the former candidate of Star Ac ‘is in a relationship with Delphine Tellier, the sister of the former beauty queen and director of the company Miss France, Sylvie Tellier.

By participating in Star Academy in 2001, Jean-Pascal Lacoste was far from suspecting the impact that this adventure would have on those close to him. A few years after his participation, his father died of a stroke. According to Jean-Pascal, there would be a link between his death and Star Academy.

“When you lose a father, it’s always too early. He was a fantastic guy, he guided me a lot right out of  Star Academy.” He then adds:  “I think Star Academy is also what screwed him up a bit because, for parents, it’s very hard to live with. It was very hard for them. I often saw my mother cry because we have people who love us and those who don’t. So they go to my parents and say: ‘Yes your son, this, that’. It is very hard for people. parents “ he recalls.