Jeanne du Barry – The King’s Darling: Johnny Depp and Maiwenn in Exclusive Movie Preview

The film, which officially opened the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, will be released in theaters in Italy on August 30 with Notorious Pictures and tells the story of one of the most famous courtesans in French history. Introducing an exclusive preview of Jeanne DuBarry with Johnny Depp and Maiwenn.

Illegitimate daughter of a seamstress Jeanne Vaubernier she grew up as a young girl of extraordinary beauty and no less intelligent.
Taken under the wing of a very wealthy man who gave her a job and an education, Jeanne moved to Paris, where, while still very young, she became one of the women who were most courted by the Parisian debauchees. She was noticed by Marshal Richelieu, who saw her as an ideal lover King Louis XVand who thus brought her, as a courtesan, to the Palace of Versailles.
Joan, at first stunned and bewildered by the magnificence and the complex rules and hierarchy of the court of the King of France, nevertheless managed in a very short time to become the favorite of the King, who decided to ask her to stay at Versailles, despite being aware of the scandal that her decision might cause, as well as the anarchic and vital spirit of the girl.
These rooms tell the story of Jeanne and what happened next. Jeanne du Barry – favorite of the kingfilm that officially opened Cannes Film Festival 2023 and this we will see in Italian cinemas from 30 August, distributed by Notorious Pictures..
The film was directed by Maiwennwho also played the role of the main character and who clearly projected part of her personal history onto the history of the most famous of the courtesans, from a relationship with which she was still young Luc Besson in the years when he was the attacking king of French cinema, but still built an interesting portrait of a woman. Cast Louis XVoddly enough, the director wanted a revived Johnny Depp: the chronicles tell us that the relationship was not the easiest on the set, but on the screen the couple works very well, which he also tells us about this clip of Jeanne Dubarry – the favorite of the king, which we at present to you in an exclusive preview.

In addition to the two main characters, in the video you saw another very good Benjamin Lavernefrench actor playing a role here Jean-Benjamin de La Bordethe king’s first valet and favorite, one of the most interesting characters in the entire film.
From the movie Maiwenn you can read review from Cannes, signed Mauro Donzelliand if you want to know more about Depp, his return to the set and work in this film, you can read the report press conference performed by an actor at a festival, written Federico Gironi.
You will find below The official trailer for the film “Jeanne du Barry – The King’s Favorite” in theaters from August 30:

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