Jeans are not what they used to be: they are now becoming luxurious

All we had to do was see the cover of the band’s new Christmas album Cher, Cher Christmas, to realize that there is something very luxurious going on in the denim department. The singer actually wears a pair free jeans, designer Long live, decorated with maxi crystals. The pop icon decided to team them with an oversized white shirt and a pair of silver platform pumps, sparking a luxury denim craze among her fans.

So we couldn’t help but wonder How classic blue jeans have changed last time. The simplest, but always avant-garde item in the wardrobe never ceases to amaze season after season. Years passed and it was done asexual, increasingly high-waisted and even environmentally sustainable. And today, with the addition of several valuable applications, it shines in a whole new light.

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The designers presented a variety of models at the show with different fits and washes. catwalks autumn/winter 2023-2024, each with their own personality, making them a coveted evening wardrobe staple that can be displayed beautifully with a tank, t-shirt or white shirt, just like Cher did. Or, for the more daring, wear a bralette and a blazer draped over your shoulders.

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But jeans with rhinestones are not a find here and now. In fact, the inspiration came from the 2000s (and where, if not?): the very first to demonstrate this, a strictly low waist, were Child of destiny. But it was Carrie Bradshawin the second film Sex and the city 2010, to convince all his fans that even clothes – forgive us for this term – base just like jeans need that extra sparkle to transform a modest look into an extraordinary one.

In short, a new luxury, almost like a jewel. Below we have collected for you the hottest trends at the moment. Think of them as inspiration for a pair of luxury jeans to add to your wishlist.

With crystals

Relaxed, high-waisted jeans with a cascade of diamonds along the entire leg. Beautiful to wear with an open bra and a black jacket on top.

With pearls

They are the most sought after and decorations are only used at a few strategic points. In street style, we have seen them paired with a top, always adorned with pearls. chill even for a day.

Everything is strewn with rhinestones

The most luxurious of all, they resemble a precious stone. Philipp Plein offers them silver while Germanir personalize them with sparkling emojis. Suitable for party.

With just one detail

In street style, we admire precious casual jeans. We like it because it has appliqués that adorn just certain points of the pants, like the pockets or hem, all the way down to the sweetheart cutouts on the hips.

Just metal casting

But there are also those who don’t like the apps, for example Diesel AND Chromium come to their aid. The former opts for a splash of gold at the center of the hips, while the latter focuses on the silver metallic effect. They’re also great for the day when paired with a simple tank or strapless top.

How the stars wear them

Even celebrities have succumbed to the charm of expensive jeans. Rita Orafor example, combines them with a micro-top and accessories that always sparkle, and Sadie Sink choose a more casual look: jeans are expensive, and the rest of the look normcorethanks to a white T-shirt and an oversized black coat.

Seasonal Patterns to Focus on

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