Jeff Panacloc overwhelmed by emotion… he collapses in the middle of the show with Michel Cymes!


In “It won’t get out of here”, Jeff Panacloc collapsed when he mentioned Augustine, who died at 4 years old from cancer.

Last I heard, Jeff Panacloc was discovering the joys of fatherhood.  The comedian, who became the father of a 9-month-old daughter Rose. The one who tattooed himself twice, moreover in his honor, gave an interview to TéléStar. “An Instagram like with his initials on the left side and his first name written on the upper back with different letter styles,” he said. Sensitive, Jeff Panacloc never hides his emotions. We remember that last October, on the set of “C à vous”, the daily animated on France 5 by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the famous ventriloquist had indeed been overwhelmed by a video message from his mentor, Patrick Sébastien.

This time, it is in “It will not come out of here,” the  emission of Michel Cymes broadcast on France 2, Jeff Panacloc could not hold back her tears. The latter is a sponsor of the Wonder Augustine association, which is committed to fighting against childhood cancer. But when a photo of the little girl appeared, Jeff Panacloc collapsed. Died in October 2018 of a brainstem tumor at the age of 4, the little girl is still present in the minds of those close to her and those who have crossed her path.

Their meeting took place on the Net. Indeed, while the companion of the comedian was looking at the Instagram accounts of other mothers, she stumbled upon the message from Augustine’s mother. “We spent the night looking at all the messages, everything they went through. It really touched me because she could have if someone had been interested a little bit in that… It’s especially that, their battle. They were very much on their own. So they are fighting today, and it is not easy because I see them strong every time while it is very difficult for them “.

Jeff and his partner have remained very close to the parents of little Augustine. Moreover, with the actor François Berléand, they had won 24,000 euros for the association with the program “Who wants to win millions”. Jeff Panacloc had personally added 12,000 euros, a symbolic gesture that helps to move things forward, little by little …