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It’s hard to find a more iconic symbolic garment for the entire period of the early 2000s than the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. They appeared almost by magic, they drove the fashion world crazy – no more -, they lived on conflicting ideas that dramatically increased their success, and they went as fast as they came. Went. Without forgetting The Jeffrey Campbell Lita phenomenon is still vivid in the memory of millennials and those who, in those platform ankle boots, still see the dawn of the “fashion blogger” phenomenon.

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their rock soul – the name is a tribute to the Runaways’ guitarist, Lita Ford – which characterizes them as a bad shoes Since the 1910s, making them extremely attractive to aspiring fashion bloggers. The combination that turns them into celebrities is with the leggings and the leather jacket -or the miniskirt and the Parisian-, the personalities that bring them success are the Californians Rumi Neely and Wendy Lamm. They travel from America to Europe, relying on their aesthetics uglyThe one who first drives away then fascinates. Jeffrey Campbell litas are also appropriated the Hollywood way: in order, Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and even Lindsay Lohan – who wears them to Coachella -.

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The success of Jeffrey Campbell Lita, who many claim to be the first love of the plateau world, is such that it has polarized him with regards to fashion and trends. The models are myriad: They include studded, kitten, lace, velvet, American flag, animal, and even galaxy-themed—a firm favorite of social media Tumblrs.

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When the Jeffrey Campbell Lita era comes to an end, some say they regret it and some say they breathe a sigh of relief. Yet the latter also look back on Lita’s years with sadness. The shoes that made the platform an extraordinary superstar.

With the return of the platform to the catwalk from Valentino to Versace, it seems impossible to wonder if it isn’t accompanied by the inevitable reappearance on the scene of Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots. Is it his time to shine again and make people angry? fashion trend forecasting by Harper’s Bazaar Italy This makes the return official: Jeffrey Campbell Lita, the teenage memorabilia of many millennials.

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