Jenifer in the arms of Michael Youn: this kiss that means a lot!


Despite past trials, Jenifer and Michael Youn seem to be closer than ever!

After the unforgettable success of Morning Live twenty years ago, Michaël Youn, Vincent Desagnat and Benjamin Morgaine will be back on the air very soon with an episode of Morning Night. To accompany them all evening and suffer the worst follies of the band, Jamel Debbouze, Jenifer, Jarry Isabelle Nanty, Big Flo, and Oli will be there.

Shot last November, some excerpts from the show were broadcast on social networks. Extracts of Jenifer interpreting the American anthem in front of the cameras, a performance much criticized by Internet users, who have not mince words.

In honor of the election of Joe Biden, the 46 th President of the United States, so Jenifer mission was to be the Super Bowl Beyonce to launch the kickoff of the Morning Night. Unfortunately, the excerpt from his performance caused a flood of negative tweets about him. Many internet users have supported the fact that she sang out of tune , and that she had “not the presence” to interpret such a song, ” Do we agree that it is very bad? only to think that in addition to a shitty accent, it’s wrong “,” Ridiculous  “,” I have nothing against Jenifer but she has neither the power nor the voice to sing certain songs “ had therefore comment Internet users.

Very proud of her participation alongside her friend Michael Youn, on her Instagram account, the young woman posted a photo of the host and her, very close, kissing with tenderness and friendship. This episode of January 19 will therefore be an opportunity for the coach of The Voice to show what she is capable of by having fun during the show.