Jenna Ortega, a lookalike cosplay, recreates Wednesday’s viral dance moment

The viral Wednesday dance has been recreated by a Jenna Ortega lookalike and a cosplayer on TikTok. Wednesdays, Netflix’s most popular English-language series, follows the eponymous character from The Addams Family as he tries to solve a supernatural murder mystery at his new school, Nevermore Academy. In Wednesday’s episode 4, “Wow What a Night”, Ortega’s goth character attends a school dance with Tyler, where he steps forward and does a surprisingly impressive dance to The Cramps’ song “Goo Goo Muck”. The moment became a viral sensation and has been replicated countless times on social media.

One of the latest recreations comes from @fuzzybear.og on TikTok and Instagram, who, in the form of a woman who looks like Jenna Ortega, has also dressed as Wednesday Adams to more accurately reproduce the dance scene. see below:

With Wednesday’s braided pigtails and lace dress, the cosplay recreates the character’s look fairly faithfully, and the dance moves of Jenna Ortega’s lookalike don’t stray too far from the original.

Can The Wednesdays Season 2 Top The Viral Dance Scene?

Almost immediately after it was released, Wednesday’s dance scene became a viral sensation online, with fans, with varying degrees of creativity and dance prowess, putting their own spin on that memorable moment. Several months after The Wednesdays release on Netflix in November 2022, the fan recreations remain popular on social media, a testament to how successful the series and Ortega’s dance has become. However, as is the case with any show that captures the internet’s interest so intensely, the number of pressures to outdo it continues to grow.

While many people have recreated Wednesday’s dance to the show’s original song, such as on TikTok above, dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” is just as popular, including with pop stars themselves, thanks to the perfectly appropriate “dance with my hands” verse. If The Wednesdays Season 2, which was renewed by Netflix within three months of its initial release, has any chance of surpassing Season 1’s viral dance scene, it could capitalize on the popularity of Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” in connection with the show and use it to create another viral dance.

Source: @fuzzybear.og/Instagram

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