Jenna Ortega and Johnny Depp together, the actress answers the gossip of the moment

Gossip King Anonymous Deux Moi Drops the Bomb: The relationship between the Wednesday actress and the Pirates of the Caribbean superstar. Both deny it, but this denial is news reported twice.

Gossip goes crazy in Hollywood. Vacation gossip brings two personalities together who have worked with Tim Burton: let’s talk about jenna Ortega AND Johnny Depp. According to social profile Dex Moythe equivalent of our local Oops, reported that the young 20-year-old Wednesday star and the 60-year-old superstar are reportedly in a love affair. The rumors took on such consistency that Jenna Ortega was forced to face them, calling them “ridiculous” in an Instagram story.

Denial of Jenna Ortega

In an Instagram story that has expired and is therefore no longer viewable, Jenna Ortega wrote about the gossip relaunched by Deux Moi: “This story is so absurd I can’t even laugh”. The movie star, also recently involved in the new chapter of Scream, then denied the sender rumors about her alleged meeting with Johnny Depp. The two never met, not even professionally.

I never knew Johnny Depp in my life and never worked with him. Please stop spreading lies and leave us alone.

Even Johnny Depp denies

Also Representatives of Johnny Depp denied this. talking to NME magazine. Here are the representatives’ statements: “Mr. Depp has no personal or professional relationship with Ms. Ortega.” But then the account that makes VIPs tremble, “Deux Moi”, is perhaps talking nonsense? During an interview with Vanity Fair in 2021, the anonymous person behind the account, which has 2 million followers, said the platform is limited “share stories”. True or false, it doesn’t matter. But in the world of journalism, you know, refutation is news given twice.

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