Jenni Hermoso Condemns Rubiales’ Actions Through Union; Demands ‘Exemplary Measures’

After days of celebrating winning the Women’s World Cup, jenny beautiful Decided to “break” the silence about him forcibly kissing him through the FUTPRO alliance Luis Rubiales.

“mine FUTPRO Alliancein coordination with my TMJ agency who are charged with defending my interests and being interlocutors on this matter”the player said in a statement released on Wednesday.

As background: FUTPRO is an association made up entirely of female soccer players competing in Spain with the goal of “defending the labor rights of female athletes.”

Jeanne Hermoso calls for ‘exemplary measures’

In the same statement, the FUTPRO union made it clear that it “categorically and strongly condemns” any “attempt to violate the dignity of women”.

That’s why they asked the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), which has Luis Rubiales as president “Implementing the necessary protocols, ensuring the rights of our players and taking exemplary measures”.

The association stresses the importance of players representing figures with values ​​such as equality and respect.

They also called on the Higher Sports Council to support and promote “the prevention and intervention of sexual harassment or abuse, machismo and sexism” within its framework.

Jenny Hermoso Futpro statement
Image: Futpro

FUTPRO will meet with the second vice president

Following statement from Jenni Hermoso, same union let it know Next Monday, August 28, they will meet with Spain’s second vice president and minister of labor and socioeconomics, Yolanda García.

“Our aim is to delve into the working conditions of players and continue to act together to ensure that, as happened at the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney, be punished“, the statement said.

It must be remembered that Yolanda Diaz was one of the first to confirm that Luis Rubiales’ apology “didn’t work at all”, and RFEF chairman ‘must resign’.

On Tuesday, August 23, she and the Sumar party condemned Rubiales’ previous actions as serious violations and demanded that he not go unpunished.

Other associations call for Luis Rubiales’ resignation

The Higher Sports Council (CSD) has received several complaints against Luis Rubiales. These are presented by various important figures.

One of them is Yolanda Díaz and the SUMAR platform; former referee Xavier Estrada Fernández and representatives of Miguel Galán, President of the National Academy of Football Coaches (CENAFE).

according to comfortIt was revealed that Jeanne Hermoso’s original statement was fabricated by the Spanish Football Federation and explained that the Spanish Correctional Service is the institution with sanctioning powers against the Spanish sports world.

Its president has requested a report for a decision. “If the Department of Corrections finally considers it, Rubiales could be disqualified for one month to two years under Section 109 of the Sports Act,” he said. comfort.

Women’s soccer union calls for removal of Spanish FA presidency

Spain’s professional women’s football federation called on Wednesday to disqualify Luiz Rubiales as president of the Spanish women’s football federation.

“The Professional Women’s Football League (Liga F) has lodged a complaint with the President of the High Sports Council alleging very serious behavior and conduct committed by the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, within the framework of the Women’s Football League .The World Cup Final, demand disqualificationThe F League said in a statement.

“One of the greatest feats in Spanish sporting history was tainted by the embarrassing behavior of Spanish football’s supreme representative, guided by his constant and habitual desire for leadership, and he was once again shown to be incapable of the task. It was established” , which can be read in the statement.

“Boss grabs employee’s head and kisses her on the mouth, it’s outrageous”the F-League continues.

“It’s not just about a kiss. This attitude is so far removed from our society’s values”, he continued.

Information from AFP.

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