“If you want to look beautiful, you have to suffer a little.” Or at least experiment. For example, for Jennifer Aniston there are no limits in beauty. The actress recently posed for the cover of The Wall Street Journal and said in an interview that she would “try just about anything to look young,” including beauty treatments with an unusual ingredient. But what does he mean by “everything”? The Murder Mystery actress told the magazine that a beautician suggested she get a salmon semen facial and she was intrigued.

“First of all, I said: “Are you serious? How to get salmon sperm? Jennifer Aniston said. But then, driven by curiosity, she plucked up the courage to give it a try. However, the actress was not satisfied with the result and chose to stick to her weekly beauty routine. The Friends star, by the way, injects weekly serums based on anti-aging peptides. “I think this is the future,” Jennifer told the Wall Street Journal. The actress is also the creative director of nutritional supplement company Vital Proteins and has stated that she “adds Vital Proteins collagen peptides” to her cup of coffee or morning smoothie.

But back to salmon semen, this unusual ingredient has been dubbed a must-have Korean beauty ingredient and is offered at medical spas, promising to produce more collagen, increase cell turnover, and improve pigmentation and inflammation. Salmon sperm have also been used to create a new environmentally friendly plastic, a soft material known as “hydrogel”.

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