Jennifer Aniston always gets flowers from Adam Sandler on Mother’s Day; Why?

First, for Hollywood Reporter (we’re in 2021) Jennifer Aniston explained that on several occasions she had to deal with a stereotype created about her by the public that didn’t represent her at all; actress FriendsIn fact, he was often called selfish and careerist simply for not having children. A year later for Charm, aniston he decides to tell his truth and finally do it his way.

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Jennifer Aniston and her relationship with her own infertility

The reason she never had children is her own infertility, a clinical condition that the ’90s star struggled to accept, but which she inevitably came to terms with. After telling the world about her obstacles, she felt more relieved: the issue of childbearing for the actress “was difficult road“. “I’d give anything to have someone tell me, ‘Freeze your eggs.’ Do yourself a favor!” explains in relation to the past. “I did not think about it, and today I found that the ship had already sailed. I do not regret anything; now i feel relieved because there is no more uncertainty“.

Flowers by Adam Sandler

In a recent interview Jennifer Aniston For Wall Street JournalTo the riddle of history, the actress added an anecdote; co-star in “Murder Mystery” Adam Sandler and wife Jackie Sandler, every year on Mother’s Day, she is given a bouquet of flowers. small gesture to show love and support which touched the fans.

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