Jennifer Aniston consoles ex Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston with Adam Sandler in Europe on the set of

ex for a friend. In the literal sense of the word. Jennifer Aniston she managed to maintain excellent relationships with all the most important men in her life. So much so that it is to them that he turns in difficult times. And they respond promptly.

So is the ex-husband of diva number two. Friends, Justin Theroux. The shoulder where Jen cries and finds comfort from her father’s death. To whom she had become strongly attached in recent years after a period of estrangement.

Justin Theroux’s Daily Phone Calls Jennifer Aniston

Tell daily mail that Jennifer Aniston is struggling to come to terms with the loss of her parent. She died at the age of 89 in November 2022. In recent months, Jen has sought solace from former historical colleagues. John Aniston. That she was one of the soap opera stars Time of our life.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux (Photo by Ansa)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are great friends, even divorced. Here’s what she does for him… every day (photo by Ansa)

And above all, he asked for help from a very small group of people. Among them is Justin Theroux. her second ex-husband. who was always by her side. Even in this difficult time. At the same time, phone calls, as the newspaper describes, are daily.

Attachment after the divorce of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were the portrait of a happy couple in love. But maybe they didn’t really exist. They got married in 2015 after 4 years of dating. Shocking fans when they announced their split just two years later.

However, despite the separation, they have stated that they maintain a very close relationship. So much so that we can even celebrate birthdays and other anniversaries together. In a word, a close relationship that the two do not hide. As Theroux did a few months ago in an interview. Shows that he often hears from his ex-wife through messages, Facetime and phone calls.

Aniston did the same. Talking about the friendship that connects her with her ex-husband. Which, he said in an interview, just walked past his Los Angeles home.

Jennifer Aniston is also friends with her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

It’s almost art. Which she is great at. We’re talking about Jennifer Aniston’s ability to be friends with her exes. Including the most “bulky” (mediatically) Brad Pitt. Who even showed up at the actress’ mega 50th birthday party. Demonstration of the good relationship that exists between them. After all, she said this during a radio interview: “We are friends, we communicate. There is no awkwardness between us,” Jen said. Photos behind the scenes of Sag 2020 are clear proof of this.

Secret of Jennifer Aniston

But what is Jennifer Aniston’s secret? “I am a forgiving person. I think forgiving is extremely important,” she explained in 2014. “Otherwise, everything will turn into toxic waste. There is nothing worse than holding a grudge. Look, people can do unforgivable things, but you have to let it go and say, “Look, we are all human. We make mistakes.” Holding a grudge is like taking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die.”

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A life philosophy that works great for her. “I prefer to focus on people and things that are already there, what is happening and what is yet to come. My friends, my family, the wonderful people I work with. We know what’s real.”


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