Jennifer Aniston has shown her hairstyles over the years. Which did it look better on?

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Jennifer Aniston is, without a doubt, one of the most famous actresses in the world. The recognition and the huge money, among others, brought the role of Rachel Green in the series “Friends”, which showed the daily life of six friends who entered adulthood. The series was an amazing success, and the last episode aired in 2004, witnessing up to 51 million viewers. Moreover, the series is very popular until now, and the fate of the “Friends” is now followed by the next generations.

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After many years of waiting, in 2019, to the delight of fans, Jennifer Aniston has created her official Instagram profile, which is currently viewed by over 38 million users, with whom she sometimes shares photos and recordings from her professional and private life. .

Jennifer Aniston has shown her hairstyles over the years. Which did it look better on? Fans have no doubt

Jennifer Aniston, despite the passage of time, impresses with her beauty and physical condition. Although the years have passed, he is still a huge inspiration to many women. Moreover, some of the trends he supported years ago (such as Rachel’s hairstyle from the first episodes of the series) are again sensational. Recently, Jennifer Aniston shared with her followers and observers pictures of the hairstyles she has worn over the years.

You can find photos with all Jennifer Aniston hairstyles in the gallery at the beginning of the article

Choose your player, the hairstyle version

– I wrote under the post.

These hairstyles with age and are long outdated.  Don't wear them because they are 15 years old (illustrative image)

These hairstyles get older. Do not wear them, they add up to 15

There were many different opinions in the comments, but the vast majority chose the one Rachel wore in the first episodes of “Friends”:

Rachel always and forever

Rachel of course

It doesn’t make us choose

Definitely Rachel’s hair

Rachel, in all episodes

– We read.

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