What are Jennifer Aniston’s beauty secrets? Let’s face it, we’ve all asked ourselves this at least once. In recent days, in an interview with Byrdie, Jennifer Aniston has finally revealed her skin care routine, highlighting the products she can no longer part with. The actress is especially fond of Shani Darden, one of the most beloved beauty brands in Hollywood, which has also won over celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Shay Mitchell. In particular, Jennifer revealed that she uses Retinol Reform anti-aging serum, one of the brand’s standout products.

This is a multi-functional serum that combines retinol with lactic acid to reduce all types of wrinkles, from the finest to the deepest. Plus, it promises to even out tone, smooth texture, and brighten up in just 14 days of use. The serum also contains Pyrus Malus (apple) fruit extract, which promises antioxidant action and protects against pollution. “Your retinol is so good and your serums are fantastic…” Jennifer Aniston commented during an interview. “He has a great lab he works in and beautiful packaging,” he added. The Aveeno Ambassador actress also revealed that she has been using the pharmaceutical company’s Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Facial Cleanser for Sensive Skin for many years.

Jennifer also said that she often changes cosmetic allies, but the aforementioned two products remain in her daily skincare routine for years. In addition to this, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she takes care of herself and her body with progressive weight training and full body workouts that help her sculpt her silhouette.

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