Jennifer Aniston shared a heartbreaking message and asked fans for help

Jennifer Aniston shared an emotional video on her Instagram Stories, urging her followers to adopt dogs that have been put on the euthanization list as pet shelters across California run out of space.

The star shared a video for I Love Rescue, a Western state-based charity that advocates for animal rights and highlights the plight of dogs in shelters who are scheduled to be euthanized. The clip featured a dog named Lenny peeking out of a cage, and Jennifer encouraged her followers to adopt the pup.

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In a heartbreaking message, the Friends actress pleaded: “So many cute puppies to save (broken heart emoji). Don’t lose sight of Lenny (praying emoji).”

Jennifer is an avid dog lover and owns three dogs herself: Clyde, Sophie and the adorable Lord Chesterfield. She previously had two other dogs named Norman and Dolly, but they sadly died in 2011 and 2019 respectively.

Black dog sitting in a cage© Instagram
Jennifer begged fans to save the dogs

Speaking about her love of animals to People magazine, the 54-year-old said: “My friend Ellen DeGeneres, as you know, loves nothing more than to bombard me with heartbreaking photos of animals in need of homes.

“And by the way, if I could have a llama, a pig, an alpaca, a sheep, a goat, I would do it. But I have to be very sensitive to Clyde and Sophie because everything depends on whether they are happy.”

A photo posted by Jennifer Aniston to Instagram in November 2020 shows her dog Lord Chesterfield, whom she adopted in October 2020.© Instagram
Jennifer is close to her dogs, including Lord Chesterfield.

Jennifer is currently back on our screens with morning show. In previous seasons of the show, there was a major sex scandal that was undoubtedly reminiscent of the real-life scandal surrounding Matt Lauer’s abrupt departure from the Today Show under similar circumstances.

Shortly after the first season premiered, Jennifer admitted that shows like Today’s show and Good Morning America inspired her show and character.

Two dogs sleeping on the sofa© Instagram
Jennifer’s dogs are the center of her universe

However, they were interested in disagreement with Jennifer confirming Diversity that the entire script was reworked from scratch after Matt left and the popularity of the #MeToo movement. Jennifer also revealed that she watched an episode of the Today Show the day before Matt was fired and wondered, “Did he know? Didn’t he know?

Speaking about the moment it happened, the actress shared: “I was so devastated. It’s such a strange thing; there was a strange feeling that my father had done something terrible. I trusted him and gave him the interview. He was there for so many moments.” in my life. And when Friends ended, we were interviewed by Katie (Couric) and Matt.”

Jennifer Aniston holding a white dog© Instagram
Jennifer paid tribute to her previous dogs

She added: “Mitch Kessler (Steve’s character) is not based on him at all. He’s just kind of the archetype of all the men he represents.” Jennifer said the characters are “all fictitious”, although the character highlighted “aspects of the charming narcissist archetype, a generation of men who did not consider such behavior to be bad”.

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