Jennifer Aniston, the secret of her beauty lies in the “15-15-15” method

Actress returns to gym after injury with a deep sense of respect for her body

for beauty table Jennifer AnistonThis beautiful Hollywood actress who flaunts athletic and lithe physique at the age of 54 is fifteen times three. But every day and with a relaxed feeling. Fifteen minutes pedaling on the stationary bike, fifteen minutes on the elliptical machine, another fifteen minutes to spend on the treadmill. An hour’s effort and not even a sound: Slimness and tonicity are served, without massaging the muscles. Smiling without worrying about performance. Jennifer’s new method, which has now become her perfect workout, is called “15-15-15” and was born out of the awareness that a balance between effort and result is a critical element. Post her injury, the actress returned to the gym with a deep sense of respect for her body. that’s the message: You do not need to prove to yourself at all costs that you are capable of overcoming your limitations.

she confidently disclosed to the magazine in style,When you’re in the mindset that ‘I need to do 45 minutes of cardio or I’m not getting a good workout’, it becomes challenging.“. She said: “I believed it for so long and it hurt my body.” Here’s the solution. Aniston, who admits she doesn’t feel good when she’s not working out, But admits she’s gone too far in the past, she didn’t recognize herself when she reverted to her normal 45-minute workout regimen. Then she felt the need to make a new way of fitness, Formula? And’ Simple as a multiplication table, understands Three different cardiovascular activities, stationary bike, elliptical machine, and treadmillInvolving the whole body, both upper and lower. All of this is preceded by a muscle warm-up at least 10 minutes before starting exercise to prepare the muscles and reduce the risk of injury. Similarly, at the end of a workout, stretching is practiced to promote muscle recovery and avoid the onset of post-exercise muscle soreness.

By following Jennifer Aniston’s 15-15-15 method, you can burn calories, improve stamina and enhance overall health. Whatever the age, Jennifer Aniston is an example of a woman in attractive body shape even at the age of 54. In fact, its perfect shape seems to arise precisely from that apparent beauty table. A low-impact workout that keeps her entertained and doesn’t tire her out too much: “I don’t feel broken or sore,” she says. Not only this: he also likes to socialize with sports and therefore he likes to share exercise with others. “I prefer to train with friends. It’s a lot of fun,” he admits. Among Hollywood’s hottest stars, Jennifer Aniston, from her debut as Rachel Green on the 90s sitcom “Friends” to her marriage to Brad Pitt and subsequent divorce (the American actor fell in love with Angelina Jolie) So far, he has always worked to improve himself without much. She embodied a concept of natural beauty by showcasing her gray hair and now she looks more radiant than ever. Could the magic formula of 15 x 3 really be the secret? We know that Tara suffers from sleepwalking. Is it not a coincidence that he trains at night even while sleeping and does not pay attention to it? We will never have a litmus test.

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