Jennifer Aniston: Top 5 Movies

From the dizzying success achieved on the small screen thanks to the sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston’s career gradually took hold in the cinema. A hallmark of bright and successful comedies, the actress has an enviable filmography in which we trace her most characteristic features.

Jennifer Aniston: Top 5 Movies

Born in Los Angeles in 1969. Jennifer Aniston quickly becoming one of the most famous and beloved faces of the small screen thanks to his participation in the sitcom Friends. Rachel Green, her character, is still remembered as one of the 100 Greatest Female TV Characters in the United States. If we add to this success a seven-year relationship with superstar Brad Pitt, the living legend’s label can’t wait to reveal itself.

Beautiful image of Jennifer Aniston in Vice Family - Rumor has it

Beautiful image of Jennifer Aniston in Vice Family – Rumor has it

From a cinematic point of view, Aniston’s path was very conscious and gradual: little by little, the actress won the love of the public, becoming a brand of recognition and success at the box office around the world. We decided to repeat Jennifer aniston best moviesrecommending some of the works (offered in strict chronological order) that we believe are among the most successful and iconic in his filmography.

1 Bruce Almighty (2003)

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This is one of the brightest, funniest and most iconic comedies of the 2000s. It grossed nearly $500 million worldwide (the fifth-highest box office take that year). Week from God she is still remembered with great love and sympathy. The film is based almost entirely on an unforgettable performance by the irresistible Jim carrey. His suddenly all-powerful Bruce is extremely irreverent and politically (c)correct in pillorying religion clichés. Jennifer Aniston, however, looks good next to him. Indeed, despite the fact that she is a minor character, it is the moments in which she is the main character on stage that are the most successful, sincere and spontaneous. As if the actress managed to convey a sense of proportion to Kerry’s overflowing charisma. The chemistry between them is palpable and has also been crowned with a very unusual nomination: the MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss.

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2. …and finally comes Polly (2004)

Jennifer Aniston in a still from the movie... and Polly appears at the end

Jennifer Aniston in a still from the movie… and Polly appears at the end

Just one year after success Week from GodJennifer Aniston’s face will be the key to some success and great audience appeal through participation in …and finally Polly arrives. This is a sentimental comedy in which the actress will be supported Ben Stiller. Critics do not praise the film, but the public rewards it, and thanks to this interpretation, Aniston will confirm its great influence on the international audience, not only in terms of production (her name is now synonymous with a guarantee for a certain type of film). ), but also from a qualitative point of view (many say that in some kind of “internal duel” between her and Ben Stiller, it is Aniston who wins in this feature film). Curiously, as mentioned earlier for Week from God, also in this case, the actress boasts a funny nomination for the MTV Movie Awards. This is no longer the best kiss, but the best dance.

3. Runs in the family (2005)

Jennifer Aniston in the comedy Rumor Has It

Jennifer Aniston in the comedy Rumor Has It

After all these sensational box office successes from around the world, the big break was not long in coming. How, Rob Reiner (Director Mr. Stay with me AND Harry meets Sally), invites Jennifer Aniston to his court to entrust her with the main role in his new comedy: Family vices. The actress is finally managing to carve out a role for herself at the center of the story, and as if that wasn’t enough, she’ll use everything to prove herself worthy of an exceptional cast. In fact, the names of the caliber Kevin CostnerShirley MacLaine Mark Ruffalo and Richard Jenkins. It’s not a memorable film though, despite the delightful cinephile performance that ties this film to a timeless cult following. BachelorMike Nichols Family vices remains an important and fundamental step in the creative career of Jennifer Aniston, a kind of turning point from which you can never return.

4. Marley and me (2008)

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in Marley and Me

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in Marley and Me

Based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by John Grogan. Marley and me is one of the comedies that has touched the mass audience the most in recent years. Rightfully entered into the collective imagination (even Caparezza explicitly mentions it in one of his songs), the film tells the story of love and friendship between a young married couple and their new Labrador puppy, Marley to be exact. Directed by director The Devil Wears Prada, the film was a great success, probably due to its more lighthearted and ironic side, able to give a lot of laughs and relaxed moments. Of course, there’s no shortage of cinematic rhetoric here, and the ending isn’t forgotten. Jennifer Aniston is at the center of history, surrounded by Owen Wilson. The two do work on stage, but for a moment the project was in danger of stalling precisely because the actress didn’t approve of films that had dogs or cats in the spotlight. However, once he read the script, he had to change his mind and accept it without hesitation.

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5 Anything Can Happen On Broadway (2014)

Peter Bogdanovich and Jennifer Aniston on the set of

Peter Bogdanovich and Jennifer Aniston on the set of “Anything Can Happen on Broadway”

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are back together thanks to the talent and skill of the deceased Peter Bogdanovich. Presented at the Venice Film Festival, Anything can happen on Broadway based on a script written by the director in the nineties and then left in a drawer until two of his big fans like Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach decided to produce it. Jennifer Aniston successfully coped with the difficult task of producing an extremely wordy and noisy script, modeled after screwball comedy thirties. Between hilarious misunderstandings and snarky gags, this film is also a great homage to American filmmaking: a great cauldron and carnival of masks, jokes, and nods to the visual culture that shaped our passion. In this sense cameo Quentin Tarantino at the final.

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