Jennifer Aniston Workouts Secret Revealed: The 15-15-15 Method

Jennifer Aniston’s workouts have finally revealed the secret to her fitness: what is the 15-15-15 method.

Jennifer Aniston’s beauty is still timeless and timeless, representing a sexy icon all over the world. This was primarily due to her training, in particular with the 15-15-15 method, which so far only she has successfully used. From yoga to Pilates, she talked about this in an interview with InStyle.

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The 15-15-15 method is nothing more than a cardio workout combined with three disciplines: 15 minutes for each discipline, for a total of 45 minutes, divided into a stationary bike, elliptical trainer and treadmill. Before the session, he does a 10-minute warm-up between joint mobility and stretching, which is useful for warming up the body before starting the session itself.

The first 15 minutes are performed on a stationary bike, so they work on the legs to strengthen their muscles and gain strength. This is a very common cardio practice and is often used as a warm-up in the gym.

Jennifer Aniston Workout Method 15-15-15

The next 15 minutes are performed on an elliptical trainer, a tool used in the gym that allows controlled movements similar to skiing. This strongly stimulates the legs, but also a good part of the rest of the body, even if the legs and buttocks themselves are the most demanded; the calorie intake is significant, and the heart is especially exercised with this practice.

The last thistle exercise is the treadmill, probably the hardest because you can adjust the intensity and increase it in such a way as to end the workout in an important way. Combine these three cardio practices and calorie intake is assured as well as weight loss, the fulcrum of this particular workout designed by her.

However, for those who want to work out at home, it requires 3 machines and a lot of space, otherwise you can try using it in the gym whenever you want. Alternatively, as reports, one can resort to other uses of time – and more – by doing these practices with 15 minutes of cycling, 15 minutes of walking and 15 minutes of running.

This method, used almost exclusively by Jennifer Aniston, is the result of adapting years of training to a personal matter, as she has found enormous benefits in her body in this sense; therefore, it may not be the perfect workout for everyone, although it may only be healthy to try. In any case, before going down the same path, it is recommended to always consult an expert in the field, therefore a personal trainer who knows how to guide you in the dynamics and use of tools if you are not experienced in this sense. .

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