Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck: children of stars as their parents

Jennifer Garner teases her kids with video of her intense workout:

Two drops of water. When we face certain children of the stars (sometimes non-pop babies), we seem to be diving into the past. And it seems to see mom or dad when they were younger and seemed like that to their children. That’s what happened to Violet Affleck. eldest of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, the former golden couple of Hollywood, is now 17 years old. If in her youth Violet often stayed away from the cameras, now everything has changed. His outings increase as a teenager, often alongside his famous parents. And one detail cannot go unnoticed: a huge resemblance to Jennifer’s mom.

Jennifer Garner or Violet Affleck?

On July 4, the eldest daughter of the Affleck house attended a party of billionaire Michael Rubin along with her father Ben and his current wife Jennifer Lopez. The girl did not escape the eyes of those present and posed with the Bennifers for a series of pictures of the three of them. Result? It was like seeing Ben Affleck between two Jennifers in his life, the current Lopez and his ex Garner. Cause right therestriking resemblance between Violet Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s mother. To say that these are two drops of water is to say nothing. They really look like two clones: the same features, the same dimples on the cheeks. Same look, same expression. In short, mother and daughter are very similar.

Then the details of the similarities were underlined daily mail, which connected a photo of Violet with a shot of Jennifer from the past. This is a 2003 photo of the actress wearing glasses, as is her daughter, whom many have mistaken for her. In fact, after the images circulated online, there was no shortage of comments from users who were struck by the similarity. “Oh my god I thought it was Jennifer‘ commented one of the users. “For a moment, I thought it was an awkward photo of wife and ex-wife,” another comment read. And again: “You could tell me that this is Jennifer Garner, and I would believe you.” In a word, everyone agrees that the eldest daughter of the former couple is a photocopy of the mother.

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Jennifer Garner and eldest daughter Violet (age 17).  The girl was born from love for Ben Affleck, but inherited the charm and beauty from her mother (Getty).

Jennifer Garner and eldest daughter Violet (age 17). The girl was born from love for Ben Affleck, but inherited the charm and beauty from her mother (photo by Getty)

Children of famous such-and-such to their parents

Violet Affleck and her extraordinary resemblance to Jennifer Garner’s mother is just one example of children who look like mom or dad. In fact, the list of stars whose genetics are particularly striking is very long. Just think about Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe Kravitz. And what about Gwyneth Paltrow and Appleeldest born of love with Chris Martin? In short, if you want to remember what celebrities were like a few years ago, just look at their kids (or browse our gallery for all the most striking similarities).


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