Jennifer Lawrence is the anti-system heroine of The Hunger Games.

fans The Hunger Games they will have to wait a little longer. November 17 for Ballad of songbirds and snakesspin-off prequel focusing on a very young Coriolanus Snow. Based on the novel by Suzanne Collins, again produced by lionsgatesee you again with the director Francis Lawrence. Among the main characters we will find Tom Blyth, Rachel Zegler (West Side Story), Hunter Schafer ( Euphoria ), and an Academy Award Viola Davis.

Jennifer Lawrence in Katniss’ breakthrough song

In four chapters of the cult saga, Jennifer Lawrence he affirms his striving for freedom in his anti-systemic justice. The game, the unfair world of children cut off from their families by the ruthlessness of the system. Capitol, the struggle between the young children of the districts forced them to save themselves and at the same time change their personal future. This is the land that the brave young Katniss treads on. First, by offering himself in place of his sister and effectively preventing her certain death. After the Arena, which becomes a scenario for winning the game, but above all for starting another.

A more difficult, anarchist struggle for freedom. This is where Lawrence’s Katniss builds a challenge to herself. Become a symbol of an idea, a means to a revolution. For this the protagonist The Hunger Games he has the perfect villain to build his path with. the president Snow he represents the despotic monopoly of established power that Katniss fights against. Katniss’s play and tenacity to unite frustrate Snow and the Strategists, who are forced to change the rules given the taking of two winners. Here begins the heroine’s journey about her destiny and the possibility that Panem may have a future.

Ignition and building rebellion

On the winners tour with Pete Katniss From Jennifer Lawrence form your rebellion anti-system. He does this by becoming a commodity for Snow and the Capitol. Lawrence’s character’s nemesis tries her best to turn her into a propaganda tool, staging a love story with Pete at the risk of harming the heroine’s family. But what Snow underestimates is the girl on fire’s influence on the people of Panem, tamed but waiting for a sign, a spark that awakens courage. Victory Tour, the journey between districts to remember the fallen during the game turns into a change of people and the definition of risk. Panem sees an opportunity in Katniss. Giving the latter small signs that they could be the song of their rebellion. There Mockingjay this is followed by the whistling of a song of revolt by one of the villagers, who is soon after executed by a blow to the head.

Episodes are repeated district after district, even if I peacekeepers trying to quell the unrest with even stricter restrictions. Villain Snow, the head of an established system, trying his best to save himself, decides to destroy the nascent symbol at the root, inventing a special edition The Hunger Games with old winners. Between the assassins and the clockwork arena Snow he does everything to destroy the tribute and bring it down. By seeking resistance within the game, and making it clear to the people on the outside who are helping that equal resistance from the outside is possible. The end of the 75th Hunger Games brings the games to a close, beginning the second part of the saga. It is divided into two parts. The formation of resistance and the struggle between the two systems that Katniss will have to fight.

Search for a new world

From here to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Part 1 AND Part 2 , Katniss you have to come to terms with the fact that he is a symbol. Always far from being a political tool, the alter ego Jennifer Lawrence he finds himself between two fires, obviously external and obviously friendly. Snow the perfect opponent for Katniss, having only a physical and psychological description villains for excellence. Great foil for Lawrence’s character. What Collins’s storytelling does, here also as a screenwriter, is to juxtapose the new character Katniss. Alma Coin, President of District 13, the political and representative face of the rebellion. They basically have a coercive relationship, one is the choice of the people, and the other is political games for a future democratic state. Interpretation Julianne Moore returns us a contrasting characteristic with the heroine. His cold kindness and his insistence on making Katniss a symbol, just like the other side’s antagonist, slowly starts to create a duality. It will start to become more and more polarizing.

political symbol

Katniss there will be serious doubts about the true intentions coin, convinced by the latter that in the end the relationship with the archer will not force anyone to sit in the same chair. Thus, Katniss will face two equal systems in which the defeat of Snow’s dictatorship will only lead to democratization masquerading as democracy. If the first chapter perhaps takes too much of Pete’s brainwashing and his anti-heroic nature lobotomized against Lawrence, then the second chapter reveals the most ambiguous political contours. Katniss, Snowball and Coin – the three components of justice, maintenance and control of power..

Snow and Coyne are both dictators: one wants to replace the other. But they both know that Katniss this is the leader that the people want, the symbol that they tried to control from the first moment and which turned against them. Katniss, realizing that she is dealing with two dictators, decides to eliminate them both. Jennifer Lawrence is one in every way Dyke of Apocalyptic America who always knew what was right, driven by a single ideal that, in a world of war and palace intrigue, should and will matter in the end. Peace and Democracy.

Katniss she is a heroine against all odds, able to prove herself in any deadly game and rise to that popular icon she doesn’t want to be. But this is by doing the most risky and counter-productive thing. Produce the world through his arrows.

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