Jennifer Lawrence on Rent Girl: “You can’t make people laugh without offending them”

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Jennifer Lawrence explained in an interview with Sky News what she thinks about comedy, stating that in her opinion “it’s really hard to do comedy without offending somebody”. And he adds: “We must know how to deal with the idea of ​​being angry.” The actress said these things during an interview related to her new film. Girlfriend for rent.
Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, it tells the story of Maddie (Lawrence), who will accept a job offer in order not to lose her home. sui generis: A couple are looking for someone to “date” their introverted 19-year-old son Percy, played by Barth Feldman. This person’s job should be to be able to help her come out of her shell before it’s time to go off to college.

actress of hunger games He had earlier revealed that the plot of the film would be based on an actual Craigslist ad that the director had read. Lawrence said, “Gene read me the Craigslist ad and I died laughing.” “I thought it was funny, but there was no script or anything. I just thought it was a funny idea. And then a few years later, he handed me the funniest script I’d ever read in my life.”

Lawrence: “It’s hard to do comedy without hurting someone”

“I think it’s time for an old fashioned laugh,” Jennifer Lawrence told Sky News. “And it’s really hard to do comedy without hurting someone. Everyone is going to be offended in a way by this movie… and that’s okay. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from comedies past, it’s that meanness isn’t very funny. Making people feel bad about who they are instead of making fun of themselves. But how did we manage it, it’s okay, we got class,” said the diva.

Jennifer Lawrence on Rent Girl: “You can’t make people laugh without offending them”


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Jennifer Lawrence: “We need to learn how to deal with the idea of ​​being angry”

hero of girlfriend for rent He further added, “We have to be able to deal with the idea of ​​being angry. The film was overreacted and is because we realized there were a lot of things we joked about that we shouldn’t have. I also think the film does a good job of pushing boundaries while also not denying that the things these people do are wrong.”

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Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti and Jennifer Lawrence star girlfriend for rent (original title: don’t mind)New comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky bad Teacher, Lawrence plays a struggling Uber driver who is in danger of losing the home she grew up in.

A couple posts an ad looking for a woman for their very introverted son, played by Andrew Barth Feldman. “He doesn’t leave his room. He doesn’t talk to girls. He doesn’t drink” the father tells his son introducing Jennifer Lawrence’s character who replies: “When you say that with her go out, so do you mean go out with him? or ‘go out with him’?”.

Although the boy turns out to be a tough lunatic who is hard to win over but above all whose trust is hard to gain, the two end up on an exciting journey. Thus a friendship would be formed that would culminate in an extreme police chase. The film stars Natalie Morales, Hasan Minhaj, Kyle Mooney, Ebon Moss-Barrach and Scott MacArthur.

Jennifer Lawrence recently starred in an Apple TV drama cause way (with Brian Tyree Henry) and in the Netflix disaster comedy don’t look up, with Leonardo DiCaprio. Feldman starred in Noah Baumbach’s play instead. white noise and in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,

Lawrence also produced the film along with Alex Sachs, Naomi Odenkirk, Mark Proviciero, and Justin Ciarrocchi. John Phillips and Kerry Orant are executive producers.

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