Jennifer Lawrence to play Tinker Bell in new Disney action movie? Last news

Jennifer Lawrence in the form of a fairy ringing From Peter Pan? Perhaps it will come true soon!

These are the days of rumors and rumors about the next. Remakes of Disney live-action films. In recent weeks, we’ve had news of a possible casting of three films: Rapunzel – Tower Ball, The Princess and the Frog AND Herculeseach with their own set of possible actors that Disney would be willing to sign immediately after the current strike ended.

But the rumor that has circulated today could be even more interesting: The House of Mouse would have actually targeted none other than Jennifer Lawrence, the star of The Hunger Games AND Bright sideto take on the role of the fairy Tinker Bell, an unforgettable supporting character from the classic cartoon. The Adventures of Peter Pan and then the heroine of his saga of animated films produced by DisneyToon Studios.

Hypothesis of a film entirely dedicated to her actually it’s been around for years: in 2015 it was announced Reese Witherspoonas producer and protagonist of the film. Victoria Straus (Finding Nemo, Finding Dory) will be a screenwriter. Obviously, this version never saw the light of day, and in the end, Disney chose to make a direct remake. Peter Pan: The last one was released last year on Disney+ with director David Lowry and with the title Peter Pan and Wendy. In this live action, Peter Pan’s fabulous friend was played by Yara Shahidia choice that caused a lot of controversy due to the change in the character’s ethnicity.

However, according to what Patreon insider Daniel PKK revealed, a Tinker Bell movie will still be in development, and Disney’s favorite to play the blonde and conceited fairy could just be Jennifer Lawrence. Reese Witherspoon will still be involved, but only as a producer.

Obviously we’ll have to wait for official confirmation case, which is supposed to come after the end of the actors’ strike. In the meantime, do you think you would like to see Jennifer Lawrence as Tinkerbell?

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