Jennifer Lopez a year after marriage with Ben Affleck: I feel depressed

On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary, Jennifer Lopez dedicated a romantic Instagram post to her husband Ben Affleck: “I look at my ring and feel down.” The reaction of the actor and director is romantic.

Year since marriage to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez dedicated a romantic Instagram post to her husband in honor of their first anniversary. The singer, thus publicly denying the crisis rumors that became insistent just a few weeks ago, confirms her feelings for the man she married last year that a great love has been rediscovered 20 years after the story, when they were both at the beginning his career. , interrupted and then resumed in 2022.

Posted by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer, reminiscing about her marriage to Affleck, posted two photos taken on her wedding day and a caption that represents true devotion to her partner: “A year ago. Dear Ben, sitting here at Silas’s, looking at my ring, I feel overwhelmed. I feel like singing and singing over and over how we got here without rewinding. Oh God, this is my life.“. Already August 15 last year, the date Ben’s birthdaythe pop star dedicated a romantic post to her husband, made from a video in which both sing to the song’s melody. What a wonderful world.

Ben Affleck’s answer

It seems that Affleck was pleasantly surprised by his wife’s decision to publicly celebrate the wedding celebrated a year ago. So much so that he replied: “A year ago… We made the best decision for ourselves… Always happy for us, J.Lo.“. The anniversary celebrated today is reminiscent of the second wedding celebrated by Lopez and Affleck last year. The couple said their first yes in Las Vegas in July 2022 in the strictest secrecy and then repeated the event, this time in style, with 250 guests gathered at the actor’s estate in Riseborough, Georgia.

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