Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez Are Still Together and Fighting for Their Love

The biggest problem they face at the moment is physical separation.

They are working on some things, they say in their statement, and they assure that for the moment their relationship remains firm

Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez have denied the separation rumors and affirm that they are still together. People en Español magazine claims to have received a press release from the couple, in which they claim that their relationship has not ended, that they have passed and are going through difficult times, but that they have not ended their courtship.

On the commitment apparently, there is no reference. So at the moment, it is not known if the wedding plans continue, or due to the problems they face, this one remains suspended until further notice. “We are working on some things,” the couple said in the statement, according to the magazine.

A source close to the couple assures that they never finished. At the moment they are separated because JLo is working in the Dominican Republic, while Alex is in Miami. The informant explains that despite the physical separation, and the rumors, neither Arod nor Jennifer López spoke of separation. They also assured that the problems they now face have nothing to do with the rumors that point to Madison LeCroy, as the woman with whom the former Yankees player allegedly cheated on his fiancée, during the quarantine. 

“She is working in the Dominican Republic and he is in Miami, so it is difficult to see each other, especially during quarantine and after COVID-19, but they want to try to stay together,” the source explained, as quoted by the magazine.