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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are preparing for the big step. There is no doubt

Ben Affleck does not let time pass and is more determined than ever to move to the next stage in his relationship with J-lo.

Everyone is blown away when it comes to the famous couple. Good luck this time? A few days of relaxation in the family, seem to have been auspicious for Ben Affleck, who took his heart in his teeth and went in search of the perfect jewel.

Ben Affleck is looking for the perfect ring

The actor was caught with his mother and son while visiting a famous jewelry store. Everything was thought out in the smallest detail. The actor’s mother took notes, literally, about each ring that Affleck wanted to see up close, a sign that things are getting more serious. The actor “warmed up” a short time ago, right on Jennifer Lopez’s birthday, when he surprised her with a beautiful piece of jewelry. (READ ALSO: JENNIFER LOPEZ AND BEN AFFLECK FIRST KISS IN PUBLIC)

Will it be the second time with luck ?!

Ben Affleck and J-lo formed a couple in the early 2000s as well. The years have passed, and the actor is more determined than ever to share his life with Jennifer Lopez. (READ ALSO: ALEX RODRIGUEZ WEAKEN HUGE WEAKEN AFTER JENNIFER LOPEZ’S SEPARATION – FANS ATTENTED HIM)

Photo source: Instagram.com, CANCA archive

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