Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrate first anniversary, singer’s tender message: ‘I want to sing, this is my life’

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they continue to live their idyll of love, despite the fact that the tabloids cyclically try to cover crises that never turned out to be true. The two stars met 20 years after their first engagement and decided to try again for real by getting married. August 21, 2022. Today they are celebrating their first anniversary together as husband and wife, an anniversary that the singer and actress wanted to mark with a tender message dedicated to her husband.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have an anniversary, a message and a photo in social networks of the singer

Jennifer Lopez, who recently captivated the public Capri sing inSoul and core with Gianni Lembo, she decided to dedicate touching words to her husband Ben Affleck on this special day for them:

Dear Ben,

Sitting here alone
looking at my ring
I feel depressed
It makes me want to sing and sing more
that we ended up here
No tape rewind
This is my lifeā€¦

The message is closed with a white heart, like Jennifer Lopez’s dress in the picture taken with Ben Affleck on their wedding day. Therefore, love between them flourishes, despite the detractors of the couple, who were ready to bet on a new separation, primarily because of the well-known problems with alcohol on the part of the director of Argo.

Ben Affleck’s birthday love video a few days ago

Ben Affleck doesn’t have an Instagram profile and isn’t very active on a social level, so even with his birthday just five days old, it was his wife Jennifer Lopez’s turn to celebrate it with dignity, in fact they appeared together in a video during singing in the car, where she ends the post with “I love you”. To strengthen the bond between the two, there was also a special t-shirt worn by the actress”Mother“, a sample streaming movie on Netflix: “You are the soul of the universe and your name is love”Persian poet’s words Rumi options to once again show love for your sweetheart.

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