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Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck celebrate their first wedding anniversary: ​​a very important date for a couple whose flashback, much talked about in the summer of 2021, has turned into something more, a concrete way to renew their story. And never leave each other again—I hope never. Because, despite persistent rumors of a crisis, J. Lo and Affleck have always shown unity and solidarity.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s first wedding anniversary

On August 20, 2022, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck said yes, twenty years after their first love story. A super talkative couple, but not only: a magical Hollywood couple. The Bennifers got back together two years ago for full blow back. After separate vacation period – she Caprishe Florence It’s time to gather the family on these special days.

J Lo, who is very outgoing, obviously shared posts on instagramwhile making a special dedication. “Dear Ben, sitting here alone and looking at my ring, I feel overwhelmed. I want to sing how we got here, without rewinding, oh my god, this is my life. Dear Ben Part II this is Lopez’s next song and it’s definitely Anthem of her love with Affleck. First part of the song Dear Ben was released on the album It’s me 2002.

Unpublished footage from the wedding on Instagram

Not only a dedication, but also a preview of the song, but also unedited wedding footagethe solemn ceremony of which was held in Georgia – on the territory of Affleck from $8.9 million – for the total cost $400,000. Beautiful, smiling, able to love each other again and again after twenty years. One of the most beautiful stories in Hollywood that has stood the test of time, waiting for its fateful moment. The photos are simply breathtaking: a long kiss? Dream.

The crisis has not been confirmed

For Lopez and Affleck, summer is all about love (in Italy, a place loved by both). After Lopez and Affleck’s birthday on August 15, they were shown together in a car. “Dear Ben, happy birthday. I love you,” the singer wrote on Instagram. The secret of their relationship? Simple: friendship and affectionnot just love. The agreement is out of the ordinary.

Indeed, the tabloids often talked about their “difficult characters”, not always similar, moreover, more polar opposites. Not surprisingly, their love story has often been at the center of gossip, with supposed crises that, after all, never found confirmation. By no means. In part, however, J.Lo contributed (perhaps) when, during a live TV broadcast, she said:Ben is not an ordinary person, he always complains about what I wear, and when I have a neckline, he asks me where the rest of the blouse is, and then he would like to solve everything, in short, it is very difficult. In the end, however, love always wins, even and above all in disagreements. Because – perhaps – in those lies the ability to take the hand and not let go.

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