Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, getting closer to marriage. What else was found out about their relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have resumed a relationship that ended several years ago. The two amazed everyone when it was found out that they are forming a couple again, after they both went through a few disappointments in love in parallel.

The relationship between the singer and the actor captured the entire social media in the United States after the reconciliation, the two soon becoming topics around the world.

The news that Ben and Jenny resumed a relationship ended in 2004 (the two were together for 2 years) took them all by surprise. If at first everything seemed to be just gossip about the circulation of glossy magazines over time, it turned out to be real information.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, ready for the wedding?

The Daily Mail recently published photos of the two on a romantic getaway they had in the US state of Montana.

In those pictures, Ben Affleck was driving a 4 × 4, with Jennifer as his co-driver. The couple had a few days of fun in a luxury mountain resort. According to TMZ, on their return to Los Angeles, the two went directly to the villa that the singer has in Bel-Air.

At the artist’s sumptuous villa, Ben was caught a few weeks ago with his driver.

New news related to the couple of the moment in international showbiz I’m talking about a wedding! Sources close to the two told the magazine OK! shops from the US that they are increasingly determined to marry religiously.

“The relationship will be formalized by the end of the year”

The relatives of the two said that their advantage is that they already know each other very well. They resumed the relationship from the point where they left it. Obviously, over the years the two have matured in terms of sentiment. Now I know how to behave with each other to avoid a separation from wonder.

“Jen and Ben know everything about each other. The two know their good things, their bad things, their bad things. I don’t start a relationship from scratch. They are destined to be together. The formalization of the relationship will be done by the end of the year “, said a person close to the two for the above-mentioned American magazine.

It remains to be seen if and for how long the rumor of this wedding will materialize.

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