Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a long-distance relationship. What do the relatives of the couple say about the busy schedule of the two lovers

JLo is filming for the movie The Mother in which he wishes to appear. Ben Affleck is just as busy with the filming schedule. The 49-year-old actor is in Texas where he is filming for the film Hypnotic.

“They both film during the week, but they meet whenever possible. Ben came to Los Angeles, and JLo met him there. Most of the time they spend time at his house, then go to the airport together. JLo took her children with her to Vancouver, but she often travels from there to Los Angeles to see Ben. ”

The close friend of the cup revealed to the fans that Jennifer and Ben Affleck currently have a long-distance relationship.

Ben often comes to Los Angeles to spend time with his children, Violet, Sepaphina and Samuel. According to sources, Ben and Jennifer Lopez are trying to make sure they don’t let too much time pass between their meetings.

What journalist Rob Shuter says about Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Ben Affleck

Although Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a long-distance relationship because of the program, there are people in the media who say that the two could get married soon. Rob Shuter is a fashion editorialist who has followed the relationship between JLo and Ben Affleck over time.

He believes that their love has never been consumed, and that they are now ready to take the big step. Rob Shuter worked with JLo from 2003 to 2004. After learning that JLo and Ben had reconciled, he began putting together the pieces of the big picture.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the Venice Film Festival 2021. She wears a white dress with a low neckline and silver detail in the chest area, he wears a black suit
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck make their official debut as a couple on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival / Getty Images

The international star and the actor reconciled more than 17 years after the separation. Rob Shuter thinks the love between the two is real, and the wedding bells will be rung soon.

In the past, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke up because of the pressure they felt from the media. This time, the journalist is of the opinion that the artist and the actor have learned from the mistakes of the past and will not repeat them.


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