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Holidays are separated for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: The couple enjoys relaxation and carelessness in Italy, but are separated. The singer shares her weekend between Capri and the Amalfi Coast on social media, among the delicious dishes of our cuisine, breathtaking views and bikinis, and there is no trace of her husband. If you’re thinking about the couple’s 100th crisis, you’re wrong: in fact, Ben Affleck was a paparazzi in Tuscany with his kids in connection with his August 15th birthday.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke up: how they spend their holidays

Italian holidays for Jennifer Lopez: The singer and actress is spending wonderful days between Capri and the Amalfi Coast, as she has revealed on social media in recent days. Stunning bikinis showing off her perfect body, videos with delicious meals, boat trips and lots and lots of rest: the star does not miss the opportunity to share the best moments of her vacation with subscribers.

And it must be said that he enjoys his days to the fullest: lunch at the restaurant, evening at the Anema e Core tavern and shopping on the streets of Capri. Between a plate of ravioli and spaghetti, J. Lo has allowed herself to be immortalized on Instagram as she sings. OUR will survive Gloria Gaynor and her Let’s get noisy in Capri, wedged into a sequined mini dress that takes your breath away.

In this worldly journey and in the name of lightness and fun but there is no trace of her husbandBut don’t worry: According to the well-informed Ben Affleck, he’ll soon be joining her on the Amalfi Coast, the same romantic spot where the couple indulged in a romantic getaway in 2021 the year before their wedding.

While pop star in Capri, actor with children in Tuscany: according to the magazine Page six which he published Photos of Affleck in Florence, he would land in Tuscany to take his three children with him for his birthday on August 15, which he would probably celebrate with Jennifer. The meeting with ex-wife Jennifer Garner was short and cordial: the relationship between them has long been peaceful for the sake of their children.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck love is flourishing

No crisis on the horizon for one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, whose love would really flourish: despite rumors that they’d like to be in crisis every week, Jennifer and Ben’s story seems flawless.

After all, the actor never hid his feelings for his wife, as during an interview a few months ago. What’s the weather like therewhen he confessed, “She helps me in everything I do,” actor Fabio Fazio explained, “it’s brilliant, fantastic woman and my philosophy, number one, you should always listen to your wife“.

And then he added: “And number two: if you are making a film, regardless of any other film, you must cooperate: I can have my own vision, but not, you must share and interact. And what I do, I also do based on the best things that others give me that they tell me, and my wife always has better ideas than me“.

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