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sudden escape because relieve tension. It’s been 365 days since Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleckintend to prepare their official weddingthey suddenly decided to fly to Vegas and get married already there: “We planned to get married in August Savannah. Like the whole family was there, for us it was Really stressful”, explained J. Lo al. Jimmy Kimmel live.

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All searchlights, in fact, were focus on them. “Twenty years ago, not long before we got married, everything went to waste“,” added the pop star. “This time instead we had minor post-traumatic stress disorder“. Hence Ben’s suggestion that we spend the evening at Nevadajust the two of them to ease the moment: “He told me:” Let’s go to Las Vegas and let’s get married tonight“”. And she agreed.

So last weekend I Bennifer they were photographed in front of a famous restaurant dBeverly Hills, ready to celebrate first wedding anniversary: she is in a long dress with red prints, he is in a white shirt over blue trousers. Their children were also with them. Emma AND Maxpop star twins, and Samuelthe third child of the actor, and his daughters are missing Serafina AND Violet.

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At dinner, a cute portrait of one big familyand at dinner – as the videos circulating on the net show – I Bennifer they allowed themselves romantic evening in a famous club Santa Monica. “Happy anniversary,” a fan says to J.Lo. What smiles and get in the car. Closing the door and all p behind himexciting rumors who spoke of the supposed couple crisis.

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