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Jennifer Lopez and Gael García will be together in this movie

Jennifer Lopez is unstoppable. And one example of this is that they are already showing progress of what will be his return to the movies and accompanied by important figures such as Gael Garcia Bernal.

The project that unites them on screen is entitled The Mother and represents one of the plots that the businesswoman, singer and actress already had in mind to perform after its association with Netflix.

With this, a hit in their brilliant careers, these two figures so loved by their followers who are attentive to their steps and projects with which they always show their desire to continue providing entertainment the good one.

Jennifer Lopez and Gael García will be together in this movie

The news that filled Lopez and his audience with emotion was given by the same interpreter of “The ring for when?” She used her social media to tell the world that this ambitious project is already underway and will feature important Hollywood figures.

Nevertheless, made special emphasis on the participation of the Mexican to whom he proudly showed in his post in which he wrote the short message: “Here we go with The Mother”. This news immediately went viral, which also confirms more details of the production in which she will have a different role than we usually see her on screen.


And it is that much has been said about this project in which Jennifer takes on a somewhat dangerous role, because she will be a murderer who after several years of being locked up manages to escape to save your daughter’s life to whom she gives up for adoption, only with the firm intention that she is away from her complicated world.

That is why a FBI specialized group (in which the Mexican is found), is in charge of chasing her only to investigate her case, while she believes they want to eliminate her and that is why she does not get caught.

But in that interim Jennifer will meet a character named Paul who will become her ally without knowing that in the end he comes to her to discover her and leave her in the hands of those who want to. imprison her again. In the midst of it all, his despair increases once he realizes that his daughter is in danger.

This leads her to maximum level of insanity and therefore he will do the impossible to protect her and be by her side at all costs. With this plot it is expected that JLo is not only shown as a super protective mother, but as an actress who seeks to elevate her projection.

With this foray into drama and action he will achieve it and it is very likely that after that Jennifer be more inclined towards these types of stories, because you want to leave behind the comedies and romances with which you took your first steps in the film and television industry.

Powerful union of Jennifer Lopez and Gael García

This duo has the followers very happy, because They are two Latinos who have always bet on success. They have always worked to stand out and show that they love art and above all that they enjoy being able to leave their origins high.

With The Mother, which has no release date yet, They will surely exceed all expectations, since they have all the talent and potential to achieve it, since they enjoy being involved beyond acting and with that they demonstrate their commitment and responsibility in the face of the challenges they take on.

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