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Jennifer Lopez and her 5 tricks to keep fit

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Lthe secrets of the diva …

What does the singer do to be impressive?

We tell you his tricks to maintain an outstanding figure.

Jennifer López, who has now turned 52, surprises us more every day.

J.Lo is not one of those celebrities who claim to look that way thanks to good genes and a clean diet.

Jenny from the block has made it very clear that she works hard.

J.Lo told Us Weekly in 2015 that she “rarely skips a workout,” and has shared photos on Instagram of herself working out on Christmas Eve and on her birthday.

She even works out on those days when she doesn’t feel well.

“Sometimes when I get home and I don’t feel very well, I force myself to go to the gym”,

Steel abs and defined legs; Those are the insignia of the Bronx when it comes to her statuesque body, created from the gym and healthy eating.

  1. ABS
    Do not think that we are talking about a set of ten repetitions. JLo performs 150 sit-ups a day, according to his personal trainer on several occasions. Without a doubt, that is the secret of his very strong abs.
  2. Goodbye to carbohydrates
    Jennifer does not eat sugars or carbohydrates in order to maintain her figure. Her husband joins this challenge, with whom he “plays” to see who can hold out the longest without sinning. They also train together. As the saying goes, a couple that trains together stays together.
  3. Magic sport
    In addition to strenuous hours in the gym, Jennifer López practices ‘pool dance’, a very demanding workout that is responsible for how contoured her legs are. If you practice ‘pool dance’, muscle toning is assured.
  4. Coffee? Decaffeinated
    According to the celebrity’s coach, Jennifer does not drink coffee, and if she does, it is always decaf. Since he considers that caffeine does not bring him any benefit.
  5. High protein diet
    The singer has a very high protein diet. That eats? Especially meat, fish and eggs.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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