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Dots, nuances and sparkles: the three key words that surround Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secret. The 53-year-old singer and actress, founder of JLo Beauty, chooses the social network to share her beauty routine with fans, and uses a new method — already popular on TikTok — to illuminate strategic points on the face. discloses. It’s “dot, blend and glow,” an application technique that consists of a few simple steps. Target? Illuminate, but also define facial features.

But what is the “dot, blend and glow” method? Jennifer Lopez’s beauty routine is mainly divided into two phases, which combine skin care with makeup. In the initial step, Tara applies the serum to the face and neck, massaging from bottom to top to smooth the skin. Next, J.Lo switches on a moisturizer—one best suited for her skin type—and dabs it in dots around her face and forehead. In the same way, eye contour cream is applied with small dots under the eye and under the eyebrow, using very little product. After dispensing the cream, we move on to the second step: makeup. Also in this case, Jennifer Lopez chooses the “dotting” technique, choosing a liquid foundation a few shades darker under the cheekbones, on the upper part of the forehead and on the chin.

@jlobeauty Dot, blend, and glow with my favorite JLo Beauty contour and highlight hacks ✨ + @sephora #JLoBeautyRemix ♬ Original Sound – JLo Beauty

After the ombre effect, the star goes on the highlighter on the cheeks, around the forehead and chin, under the cheekbones, on the Cupid’s bow, under the eyebrows and along the nose. The last step, then, is the easiest: Just rub your hands together over your face and, by magic, all your skin becomes super glowy. The “Dot, Blend & Glow” technique – also known as “One Layer Skincare Makeup” – consists of a “One Layer” hybrid routine that aims to get the best out of skincare and makeup for a stunning end result. dynamic and fast.

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