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Jennifer Lopez demands a prenuptial agreement from Ben Affleck to protect her fortune

30 Sep 2021 – 4:59 p. m.

JLo and Ben Affleck would be days away from moving in together and with wedding plans, but before that, she wants to sign capitulations. What does it consist on?

Five months have been enough for Jennifer Lopez and Ben affleck be sure that this resumption of love is not temporary and you want to enjoy your romance for a long time. In a stage of free courtship, in which they do not hide from anything or anyone, but on the contrary, they give free rein to their feelings and expressions of love regardless of whether their admirers or the flashes overwhelm them, at a time when that everyone carries a cell phone and captures them over and over again, whether in Venice, Miami, Los Angeles or New York, the couple called Bennifer He’s already looking for a California mansion to move into before the Christmas holidays roll in.

Although they have not officially made it known, American media such as Us Weekly take it for granted and, precisely that magazine realizes that not only love is the order of the day for JLo and Affleck. This week the couple would have talked about money and legal issues and would be “in a complicated process and it is proving a bit stressful.” The above referring to the prenuptial agreement, which Jennifer would have proposed as a way to be calm. The agreement would make it clear that the money would be out of the romance.

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According to the documents presented, “Jennifer is worth more than Ben”, writes the publication, since the patrimony of the star of Latin origin is for 400 million dollars, while that of the actor it would be 150 million.

“Ben is not going to ask for anything that is not his, but he is not going to give up his rights to investments that they are likely to make together. It’s great for them to be in love, but they both need to protect their considerable fortunes. The sooner this is done, they can take the next step. No one doubts that they will be engaged in the near future “, said the source consulted by the magazine, which is close to the couple.

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The agreement basically indicates that each one will keep their fortune and only what they undertake as a society will be distributed in the event of a separation. As the lawyers draft and legalize the pact, also known as capitulations, the lovebirds would be choosing their new home in an exclusive area of ​​Los Angeles. The wedding would come soon.

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