Jennifer Lopez dictates new rules to Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Lopez dictates new rules to Ben Affleck?

Another new episode of the couple Bennifer, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Jaylo has fallen hard this time around, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

You Thought You Don’t Get Goodies From Spouses Anymore Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck? There is nothing more wrong, it just takes time to feed the papers with yet another sensational scoop. This time, it was the singer who made it clear as she wants to prevent history from repeating itself. Curious, given that it’s a repeat for her of what she had to go through 20 years ago with Ben. But let’s start at the beginning and go back a few years. As we know, Ben is a charming man – to paraphrase Bridget Jones: in addition to smoking, drinking and gambling – conquered many women. Among them, apparently, is also the ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. And where did he meet her? Of course, on the set, first of all Pearl Harbor in 2001 and again in this daredevil next year.

By the will of fate, they were both engaged at the time, so they had to give up any attraction. Garner was ready to part with Scott Foley while Ben is engulfed by the wave J Lo and all the vicissitudes of their history is always in the spotlight. Years pass, 2004 comes, and finally they start a relationship as free people. A year and a half later, they get married and are already expecting their first daughter. Violet Ann Affleck. They will be followed by two more children – Serafina Rose Elizabeth Affleck in 2009 and Samuel Affleck in 2012 – before the announcement of a divorce after 10 years of marriage, in 2015.

Jennifer Lopez and requests on the set for “prevention”

The rest is history. In 2021 I Bennifer they are officially back together, getting married – twice – and celebrating their honeymoon – also twice. There were moments friction, for example, discussions in front of the cameras or on the road in the car. Some say that Jen is very categorical about Ben’s life, she replies that he is a person who always has to talk about his appearance and that he would like to decide everything.

While Jennifer waited to find out which of the two was exaggerating more, news arrived that made Jennifer uneasy. Looks like Garner will be back on set. Deadpool 3like Elektra Natchios. His presence would open the door for another main character, namely the Daredevil character played by Ben and with whom they fell in love. For this reason, and also in anticipation of Ben’s challenge, J.Lo decided to make her own rules. According to a source in the British newspaper The Mirror:

J. Lo already has a list of rules when Ben is working., but will add more if he has a cameo with Jen. D-He wants it access to the set 24/7 on the set and be able to enter without prior notice. There will be no joint promotional interviews or photo shoots, for example no communication after work. Basically, he wants Ben to come home as soon as he finishes filming.

Let’s hope he doesn’t have to make excuses signed by his parents! Poor Ben!

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