Jennifer Lopez in Capri gave the fans an unexpected live show. VIDEO

Jennifer Lopez (ALL NEWS HERE) is back: The Latin American diva with a soft spot for Capri was the undisputed protagonist of last night’s famous Taverna Anema e Core. A silver sequined mini dress, a center table with historical friends and work colleagues, a personalized tambourine in hand, J. Lo listens to a medley of Neapolitan songs performed by Gianluigi Lembo and Anema with the Core Band after the early part of the evening. improvised a real live show. Fans (and subscribers) are furious.

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J Lo performance

On the sheet music for “I Will Survive,” Lopez asked for a microphone and began to sing amidst enthusiastic fans who encouraged her to keep singing. And so, right after the famous song of the 70s by Gloria Gaynor, Jlo continued with the inevitable Let’s Get Loud, one of her greatest hits, which she had already presented to the public during her last visit to the Capri Tavern. Below is a video posted on social media.

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