Jennifer Lopez in Italy sings the song I Will Survive in karaoke

Even relaxing in a tavern in Italy, Jennifer Lopez cannot help but be the star of the evening. Over the weekend, the Capri Taverna Anema e Core account posted a video in which the star wows the crowd in a busy bar as she bursts into Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 disco anthem, I will Survive.

In Saturday’s snippet of the impromptu performance, Lopez is dressed in a glittering silver gown worthy of an awards night. The singer cheerfully joins the evening fun as a karaoke version of Gloria Gaynor’s classic begins. The video shows her holding a tambourine in her left hand and singing merrily while sitting next to another customer.

Jennifer Lopez sang I Will Survive in Italy

Like a true professional Lopez also holds the microphone for an energetic performance of one of his songs. Let’s get noisytaken from his 1999 debut album. On 6.

Although Ben Affleck, the star’s husband, is not visible in the video, Jennifer Lopez appears to be having a lot of fun in another video she posted during her summer vacation in Italy. In fact, here the actress is enjoying a delicious al fresco lunch with italian mambo Dean Martin in the background.

Lopez is preparing to release her ninth studio album, for which she has yet to announce a release date. The work will be called It’s me…nowcontinuation of his collection It’s me… Then 2002. Jennifer Lopez recently teased her latest song dedicated to husband Ben Affleck. Midnight in Vegastribute to the couple’s wedding in Sin City in 2022.. This is at least the third song she wrote in honor of her actor husband after Dear Ben album in 2002; Dear Ben Part II should appear in Now.

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